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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  October 28, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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>> are unlited data plan millions are paying for? why federal regulators say "no". >> gh school band members reunited with lost instruments. the inside story of how they're recovered. >> we'll root for the home tea tonight. thousands gather to cheer on the giants in game six of the world series. >> here is how isis marks territory the occupants of the home h been marked for death. >> here is a woman who is
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leading a crusade to breng isis refugees to safety here in the bay area good evening. >> this movement is stepping up in the south bay. tonight a look at what is beg done to help isis refugs find safety here in the bay area. david? >> a nonprofit group has focused on local victims of violence but now, it's scope broadened it's offering help to victims o families under the thumb of isis to apply for asylum. one family is sharinga story with us tonight. margaret tros shifted attention to helpingvictims of the terror christians are facing at the hands of isisn iraq. >> it's a genocide.
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they have reay attacked an ethnic minority and gavehem an ultimatu convert or you will be beheaded >> that kind of fear gripped families of syrian heritage. margaret petros is on the phone withne of them. call call her shushan. they were amg 250,000 christians who left mosul, seeking safety. isis caught up with them. >> they got stuck the road many hours they were stopped by isis and searched. they're valuables re taken away. including her wedding ring. >> shushan is expecting a baby boy in three months and is in hiding. shs undergone therapy because of the murders she's seen.
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isis paints this picture meaning nazareth on the homesf christians she told us how much she wants to sy and give birth here. >> it's crucial that her son be born here and have safe country. >> thhope is if she stays in the u.s. if asylum is granted. >> band members in a highschool thought it was a lost cause, finding their musical instruments but thanks to a homeless man, the stude musicians got their precious instrums back today. vic lee is live with the happy ending. hi, vic.
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>> this took a long time. band members were resigned to the fact they'd never seen instruments again t it turned out all of the stars were aligned in the right places. >> there are hugs and thank yous today. band members gotrized possessions back. >> i don't know. amazing. >> anna bell got a flute back. it was one of 14 that went missing two months ago. this after after they played the national anthem. when instructors realized they wentack but instruments had disappeared >> my mom had it. she started plang the flute.
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in fifth great. >> no one thought they'd see them again. >> they thought it uld be gone for good. >> well, on thursday, band director got a call from a woman called jack. she had the instruments. >> i don't believe . >> jack's friend found the bin with the instruments and stayed with it, thinking someone would retrieve them, no one did. he brought instruments to jack. >> this is aand signal. i know, i know. i don't know what to do. >> bingo, she found my colleague's story. she did after the instruments
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were missing. >> she watched this story and figured out it's the high school. and how this finds us. >> he could not be found. >> justike to thank him for geing these back to us. it's a nice thing to do. >> murder charges in the killing of tw sheriff deputies. precutors claim he fired fal shots in a rampage friday. killing a eriff's deputy then killing a scond deputy in neighborg placer county. this couple charged with
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stealing a shotgun. special circumstances could make him eligible for the deh penalty. >> moreictims of the napa rthquake are getting help from the federal governnt. homeowners and renters can begin applying for assistance starting tomorrow. fema began setting up booths at the center today starting tomorrow, fema employees will provide help to individual homeners and renters the agency announced last night recovery aid is available >> election day is a week away. in oakland there are no fewer than 15 candidates on the ballot for yor. a lot of choices for voters there. a bi product. abc7 news explas how they tried to get attention today.
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>> what does it take in a crowded race there are 15 candidates and dog. >> that means that is the way it was set up to be. >> what i don't like is that we're not visible. and candidates are on the platt form. >> pter lou describes himself as the world's smartest leader. >> none of them got the publicity i have. i am on fire on twitter. >> the oakland mayor's race just eight days before the election. >> a lot of the people are
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trying to make this a city. >> i am one of the peopleere who doesn't know anything about law enforcement. >> everyone to please vote yes. >> the front runner and current mayor seemed to garner attention. likes of joe tuman have to do it the old fashioned way. >> so candidates scramble for position, voters are left to wonder which of the three choices will matter in the end? >> fans culdn't make the trek out to see the big game tonight are gathered in san francisco's civic center plaza.
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kansas city leads 6-0. hopefully that will change. abc7 news is there live with maybe a little disappointed fans carolyn? >> there are people here andur signal is going in and out. this stretches up to that jumbo tran. there are thousands here and mo arriving every minute. 's nothing but a party and san francisco police hope it stays that way. >> giants fans began arriving in the morning, ready to sit, and wait for hours in san francisco.
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>> he wasn't the only early bird. this fan with the mani-pedi placed her umbrella in the ground. t's a blast to have people want to win. >> i know this is azy. cra crazy legs, that is me. >> what do you do that is crazy with legs? >> yes. it's party time. >> there is a son called "you don't undetand i'm a giants fan". police hope this mood will be felt throughout the city. and that things won't get out of hand like they did in 2012 after
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th world series win when a bus was set on fire along with other acts of vandalism. >> muni is prepad to switch to gas buses so any buses that are on lines with work around crowds. >> that is what they hope to servas. it will be all hands on deck. they'll have officers in all known hot spots arod the city. and this is in case a victory celebration gets ot of hand. >> all right. thank you, caroly you can continue to watch the news on twitter.
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and it's now 7-0, kansas city. >> still ahead tonight and what odds are. >> what went wrong tonight on the mission to thenternational space station. >>nd later, i'll talking to a bay area man who is spear heading a museum a thousand years of jewish history before the holocaust that opened today we'll take you there
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>> shock waves over virginia today commercial rocket exploded just seconds after liftoff just before 4:00 our time after explosion it fell back to earth then burst into flames. it was carrying 5,000 pounds of cargo to people living there. this caused significant damage to the launch complex as you can imagine.
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>> last year millions o people had their creditcard information stolen. details from our sister statio in los angeles. >> credit cards seen as a convenience but today's world of data hackinthat favors thieve last year more than 18 million californians learned their financial data had been stolen. >> that is a 600% increase. >> in the report the number of data breees last year led by 41,000 people. here is wh he has tsay this year. >> not just a few more, but 30% more. home depot revealed these took
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41 million accounts. in july, hackers hit jp morgan chase. 76 million accounts were compromid. >> you have toook over yo shoulder. >> norm garcia says u.s. businesses and card companies have failed to upgrade their protectionsystems. solutions have be around for decades. it has been available in parts of the world since 1990s. we're the last of the party. >> any talk of legislation quiring businesses to better protec consumer data was not met well by the president community fo consumers, th
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attorney general suggests you motor accounts for signs of data theft and use different pass words to accessaccounts. >> sanrancisco public utilities commission announced hetch hetchy customers met goals r the year. the announceme made in pacifica. this is the site where recycled water isused to irrigate the grass. >> we're predicting we need to conser water on a long term. >> p.u.c asked customers to conserve by 10%.
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and that what we need is precipitation and a l of it. but he and in the srra. >> that is right >> let's just say a couple billion gallonhave fallen. we have clear skies. hardly a cud found anywhere. looking at post sunset sky. it's mild right now in evening hours. and 66, 72 fairfield. concorde,ivermore at 73 grees.
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will be sunny skieand warm tomorrow at coast to inland. will we be haunted by rain? it's possible. there arshowers in the northwestern corner of the state. this is our animation well northwest. by 5:00 friday morning we'll see a front sweeping through from north to south. wet weather and then, the front eeps through. we'll see just a few trailing showers. by afternoon into evening, we might have some good trick or treating conditions.
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around lower elevations 15/100ths to half an inch. that is more than we've seen. we have wintery conditions iday night into saturday. snow levels dropping to 000 feet by saturday morning. and delays are possible. back to the bay area, clear skies overnight. cool in north bay valleys, lows into low to mid-50s. sunny sks d warm everywhere. andere is the accu-weather forecast. nice, mild, dry throughout thursday. cooling up an drying down
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friday witrain or showers likely. sunny skies, falling back to stan yard time. and next wek a warm up coming ou way. >> coming up we're going toake you aboard a ride for
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among ways to ge an san francisco, you can add oe more new way that is a very old y. >> the taxi you can take and never get stuck in traffic. >> nearly a century ago, rush hour look like this >> now, it looks like this. >> walking one lane. heavy delays now. traffic stopped there. back in the day this didn't exist. there is one way acrosshe bay. >> 1928 over 46 million pple made this crossing. >> that traffic was out on the water. something else besides ferries.
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>> his company launched with this boat. words out the market has spoken this will be the second boat in the fleet. >> folks say this is something of an untapped resource to te cars off the street >> i'd love to see it becoming a real commuting vehicle. it's filling in gaps and shuttling people intohe city. there is never a back up >> at $35 per person, it costs more and has a nicer view. nicer if your employer is paying for it.
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>> more are coming the port is asking businesses to build docks for boats this size. places like at and t park. >> i li it. >> yes. there is more still to come here tonightat 6:00. michael finney looks at a new government lawsuit claiming millions have been misled. >> and from hawaii, lava is now swallowing homes.
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regular haters are accusing at and t-mobile of n giving customers all of the data purchased. >> this practice is referred to
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as throttling. fcc says it can't do that without giving proper notice. >> thr and a half million customers have been throttled by at and t 25 million times. matthew gold filed the case in san francisco. >> they're promising unlimited data to their cuomers. >> at and t did not agree to go oncamera but told 7 onner side we inform all unlimited data plan customers that resued in 2000 news stories. in addition the program has affected only about 3% of the
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customers. ftc says that at and t failed t disclose the thresholds. most important, says gold, the timing of at and t disclosures >> they haven't done a single ing they should have done, telling consumers at the point of sale that they were going to be throttled. >> the san francisco based electronics fronteer foundation questions how at and t goes about throttling. >> regardless o whether or not cell sitis on jefted saying you use so much data. we're going tohrottle you. >> at and t say practices are fully transparen >> 4 million customers were grandfathered in to see my reports online go to abc7 and click on
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sections tab. all right. thank you. >> sure. >> well, a second nurse battling ebola viru has been cureed and released from the hospital. 29-year-old amber vinzon was infected in dallas she was discrged today from emry university hospital. >> this is a day for celebratio and gratitude i ask we not lose focus on the families that continue to labor under this disease in west africa. >> the world health organization says 5,000 health careorkers are needed to battle the outbreak. president obama says monitoring those returning shod be sensible so those going overseas don't face obstacles when coming home. >> we're going to need to make sure our doctors and health care professionals here are properly
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trained and informed. >> at is moment, only one person in the united states is battling ebola. a doctor has been being treated in new york city. >> tonight money matters it's safe to look at your 401(k) investments. dow closing above 17,000 for the first time in three and a half weeks la jumped nearly 8%. after hitting a high, facebook ock tumbled 10%. apple pay actated more than a million times. tim took cook hope toechlz panned to china. >> a tax beak that lured
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twter to the mid market area seems to be working. reporting san francisco gave up $4.2 millionut got an extr 7.6 million in business taxes. >> a river of moen lava in hawaii claimed a structure. burning everything it touches. the river of fire is filling streets and closing in on homes in the small town of. lava burned down a shed, covering the yard of two hes officials say lava is flowing at ten yards per hour, forcing redents to evacuate. up to 50 homes are threatened. >> the lava owing is partf a continuing eruption that began in 1982. >> 6,000,000 yards paved an area
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so vast, it's nearly impossible to show early. most pulation is here. now try to imagine a crack in the earth. the difference here is that this also contains lava this way. >> the homes burn. squeezed byy lava. geologists scurry, playing guessing games. they gether out. the church becomes a focus. see the way it curls out, rolling over one piece after another. it's hard to see it ming unless you get close. saturday afternoon, this lava moved another hundred yards or so. >> remarkable.
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>> yes. >> coming up next, california health insurance who should set the rates? >> inform tif look at proposition 45 on hey john, check it out.
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>>f you're with us last night you know abc7 partnered with a group to try a new approach on explaining measures on next week's ballot. >> we have four videos and tonight presenting the look at proposition 45. to change howealth insurance rates arset. prop 45. i hope you have health insurance. >> yes. why? >> if you are aret covered by a plan, this would change who gets to approve rate changes to the plan. >> how so? >> if pssed this would also
7:42 pm
allow anyone from the public to challenge ratings. thisupporters say that is nonsense that this will help corol rate increases. voting yes means rates for individual and small group health insurance would need to be approved before taking affect. >> now, ifyou need to find a polling place tuesday go to abc7 and look for the voter card.
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>> well, just ahead my interview with a man behind a remarkable institution. institution.
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californians are discovering the real risks behind prop 46. it was written and paid for by the trial lawyers to make them millions... while, for the rest of us, health care costs go up. no wonder every major newspaper in the state opposes prop 46. they say 46 "overreached in a decidedly cynical way." it's a ploy "for trial lawyers to enrich themselves." and prop 46 has "too many potential drawbacks to be worth the risk." time to vote no on prop 46.
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happeningoday in poeland a remarkable museum was oped with help from a bay area man the museum is a 200,000 square foot museum, different from any other yove probably ever advisited and th culmination of a ma's lifetime of giving back. imagestill haunting today. hitler's final solution the nazi death machine. nowhere more devastating than in poland. nine # 0% of the jewish population, eliminated. tad escaped the holocaust. many in his family did not he came to the country as a young boy, and attended
7:47 pm
stanford. for a dozen years he's been part of a massive project to tell the other side of the stor about polish jews. >> why is it so important for you be involved in this? >> history of how jews live forward a thousand years prior to the holocaust is unknown we lt that is very important story to to tell that story, t museum of the history of polish jews. a state of the art facity that sits on the sitef the warsaw ghetto. i visited the camps with several survivors. including linda braider who spent three yearst auschwitz. >> when you stand here at auschwitz now, 60 years later, do images, emotions race through? >> no emotions here. >> no emotions here.
7:48 pm
>> later in the trip, emotions ca we stayed in touch until linda's death a few years ago. >> he saw how jews were killed. you're saying this is about how jews lived. long before the holocaust. >> that is right. that is correct. it's -- it's a very, very impoant history. during that thousand year period most of the elements of western culture evolved. today, tolland is mprised the -- taking visitors through different periods ofewish life in pole land. today, the grand opening of the museum led by the psidents of both poland and israel. there in the delegation, a
7:49 pm
philanthropist. >> people leave this museum what do you hope they'll walk away with? >> first and fore most we're going to walk away with a much deeper understanding of what about. people globally are all first reaction is stunned. >> the museum expects to attract a million visitors and many come from this country. 80% of the jews have polish cest ancestors. >> time to turn your attention to weather tonight. >> ear skies right now, sunny skies, warm, highs into 80s
7:50 pm
cool around eureka. here in the y area, warm condition, coastal highs, upper 70s around the bay. here is the accu-weather forecast. mild to warm weather the next couple days, cloudy, cool, rain friday. saturday, sunday, dry days. early next week a warm up as november kicks off. >> bigger kids hudn't be as bad? >> it's usually after 5:00 p.m shoulde mainly dry. >> looks like we're going to get a chance to disappoint royal
7:51 pm
fans. >> like it's my fault? >> yes. yes. >> one eye on the wor series, another on the warriors. opening without one of their best players, sports i i
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good evening. the start manager bruce bocci's worst nightmare. rols up seven runs jake peavy was yanked quickly. a steep climb tonight we'll have more from mikshumann at 9:00 and 11:00. they created a selection committee of 12 humans leading us up to a championship playoff the committee released rankings, his misstate and florida state are 1 and 2. oregon and alaba the two teams
7:55 pm
missing the cut at 5, 6. that cmmittee includes ndoleezza rice as well. >> we're looking at head to head is important. they've gt to be oregon on the road saturday. comes down to stanford's stout defense against oregon's third ranked offense. and special teams can be
7:56 pm
important. >> outstanding returnern their side, alo. not giving up a bunch of big plays. when he's pushing out those are things easier said than done. >> warriors open tomorrow night in sacramento probably without forward david lee with a strained hamstng. lee got injured friday agait nver. tomorrow night will mark nba coaching debut. and that with stef curry. >> off the dribble, the catch, in transition, from 30 feet in
7:57 pm
the east. and it's rhythm he creates and it's earl >> spurs raising theirfifth banner. spurs and mavs, go, chandler parsons with authority. a big funmental up and in. spurs take the lead. sharks in colorado, squaring off. right ow, 1-0 sharks heading to
7:58 pm
the second period. rough for the giants. >> thank you, larry. >> join us tonight what divers found off the coast of italy. >> a rad bat causing concern in a local neighborhood now on alert. >> before we go here is tonight's prograing line up. agents of shield and abc7 news at 11:00. >> that is it for this edition of abc7 news our coverage continues on twitter on abc7 news bay area. >> from all of us here, see you at 9:00 and 11:00.
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